Selling a property is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make, and you will need to know that your agent has the flexibility and commitment to see your sale through to the best outcome for you.

Independence provides greater flexibility

Being independent has many advantages over agents who are tied to a franchise format.

5849683_xlFirst and foremost, no part of your fee has to be reserved for head office which allows us to include more services in the price instead of you having to pay extra for everything.

Secondly, if you have a particular request to make I don’t have to check to see if it fits within “corporate guidelines”. This gives me the flexibility to accommodate whatever it is that matters to you whether it be to do with inspections, pricing, marketing, fees, or any other aspect of your sale.

It shouldn’t be your main reason for steering away from the big-brands, but how much of your commission will go to an interstate head office in Sydney or Melbourne, or even overseas to America? Using an independent local agent means that every cent of profit stays right here in the Gold Coast economy.

Owner operator means greater commitment

Everyone knows an owner operator is hugely committed to ensuring things go well. They can’t just change jobs if things go wrong, they have to make sure problems get fixed as quickly as possible. Nothing in life ever goes quite as planned and it is the adaptability and tenacity of an owner operator that makes them an excellent choice when it comes to the challenges of selling your property.

Galahad Real Estate is an independent, owner operated, Real Estate Agency.