7 Day Letting

Our commitment to seven day letting is what makes Galahad Real Estate stand out from other Property Managers. Lost rent between tenancies is by far the biggest single loss suffered by landlords.

We don’t spend money on expensive franchising, blingy offices, or huge loans to buy-out our competitors. Our resources are focused on what matters to you… getting good tenants in place as soon as possible.


Have you ever had a straight answer to the question, “how long will it take to let my property?” Almost certainly not. At Galahad Real Estate we don’t avoid this question. An experienced, well organised, professional should have your new tenants ready to move in as soon as your old ones’ notice period ends. The subsequent change-over process should take no more than seven days.

Consolidation of Real Estate Agencies leads to more and more properties being managed by fewer and fewer staff. That explains why today’s mega-agencies, who proudly boast rent-rolls in excess of a thousand properties, frequently leave properties sitting empty for several weeks at a time until staff can get around to letting them. Their philosophy is, “it costs money to have too many staff, but it costs nothing to have too many properties”. They make more money by making empty properties stand empty than by employing enough staff to get on top of the backlog.

Many factors contribute to your property standing empty and losing you money, but it is almost never your property’s fault. So long as it is marketed well, at the correct rent, then there is nearly always demand for your property. The reason for vacancies is usually due to the agency being over-stretched and under-staffed.

Galahad Real Estate takes enormous pride in letting properties within seven days of their leases expiring. We consider all the factors that can lead to your property being ignored, overlooked, or forgotten, and we prepare ourselves for them well in advance. It makes perfect sense that keeping our commission should depend on achieving a swift change-over and saving you from losing rent. We like to think of commission as our reward for a job well done.

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